Moving Tips

You made the decision. You’re moving. Whether you’re buying or selling, there’s one thing you’re absolutely going to HAVE to do – pack & move. 📦

Nobody really talks about this, but packing can be stressful. You’re trying to shove your entire life into cardboard boxes while also still trying to live your life.

Today, I’ll be sharing some of my top tips for handling all the “moving realities” that nobody talks about.

In the meantime, I have 3 tips for you…

🏠 Work on decluttering NOW. Don’t wait until it’s time to start packing. The less decisions you have to make during moving season, the better.

🏠 Set aside an extra $100-200 for “moving food.” Unless you’re an overachiever, you’re probably going to be eating out a lot when packing & moving. You’ll be tired. Your kitchen is all packed, and cooking a homemade meal simply isn’t an option. Make sure you have extra money in your budget for this.

🏠 Be willing to ask for help & support. While your friend may not be willing to do heavy lifting – or they may – on moving day for a pizza and some cold beer, they’re probably willing to hang out with you while you pack.

The real estate journey can be exciting but it can also be overwhelming. If you need help figuring out moving logistics, feel free to reach out to me. I have people who I can refer you to who can help with packing and moving. All you have to do is ask!


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